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Relocalize Mobilize

for a liveable and peaceful world.

We have developed several task forces to address different ways to

combat climate change and find solutions.

Education & Outreach​

- Reaching out to educate the community on the global concerns and local solutions. 

Arts & Public Theater​

- Bringing awareness through the creative arts with street theater, banners, art, poetry, photography, and music.


Divestment Strategies​

- Working to put pressure on higher education to invest in sustainability and divest in coal and oil. 

Legislative Action

-Making our voice heard louder than the voices of big oil and coal.  

Faith Based Solutions

-Reaching out to religious communities of all faiths to be stewards of creation.  

On The Ground Solutions

- Creating local solutions to the global effects of industrialized agriculture in terms of Gardening, Permaculture, Local Foods, and Ecological Restoration

Email us to sign up for one of these break-out groups!

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