We had over 75 people attend our Climate Crossroads event.  We had such a great response before the event that we changed locations!

With musicians Ron Holm, and David & Ian Stocker

Poetry from Christopher Sims

Climate Crossroads I

Christopher Sims performs his original poem Return of Earth/She that he first performed at Climate Crossroads in this spoken word poetry workshop for the Eco Advocates.  

Ron Holm and David and Ian Stocker performed music throughout the night.  The evening was interspersed with speakers, 350.org videos, and opportunities for group participation.

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Climate Crossroads II

Just Goods, Rockford

With musicians David Stocker, Ron Holm, Tom Mac, and Jan Sebon

Poetry from Christopher Sims, Kellie Laurson, Jan Sabon, and Amelia Garcia



Climate Crossroads Series

Climate Crossroads III

Bushel & Peck's, Beloit, WI



Featuring the music of Ron Holm & David Stocker

Poetry from Christopher Sims, Tricia Sheridan, Elias Soria, and Richard Bunch

With special guest speaker, Dr. Neddy Astudillo

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