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Speaking out for the future

As people gathered in New York City to participate in the largest climate march in history, the Forest City 350 group chose to demonstrate in Rockford in order to bring awareness to the UN Emergency Climate meeting in our hometown.

While we didn't get the media coverage we had hoped for, we did have an amazing line-up of interesting and empassioned speakers. Despite many other events happening locally, we had a good audience.

Special thanks to:

  • Emcee Jim Roberts

  • Ron Holm for great music

  • Christopher Sims for his poem that gets better and better

  • Stanley Campbell for his kickoff

  • Jessie & Randy Mermel for their work with the youth, the banners and the closing

  • Diane Lawe for the altar and representing the elders

  • Bob & Mary Sargent of the NAACP for their words & great collaboration

  • Harlan Johnson for his CEO skit even though he lost his voice - and for getting a great line-up for his skit!

  • Senator Steve Stadelman for his inspiring speech

  • Lou Johnson for hand-outs

  • Kids Ban the Bag for presenting their work

  • Luna Picot for her sharing of beautiful earth poems

  • Milca, Ketura, and Debora St. Fleurose of Roots & Wings for their powerful speech about local foods and climate change

  • Earle Rowe for filming the event

  • Rick Kurtz, Jamie Johannsen, and Jessie Crow Mermel for photographing the event.

For event photos, see our albums on Facebook.


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