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National Day of Action for Standing Rock

After more than a week of deeply distressing political news, it was inspiring to march alongside so many aware and passionate folks speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the injustices brought against the Lakota Sioux and the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

In Chicago, we marched the Black Snake of Death from Daley Plaza to the Army Corps of Engineers Office to deliver petitions and send the message to the Army Corps that this pipeline needs to be shut down now - no delays for the next administration to make a decision.

Dallas Goldtooth was there and sent out this email to 350.ORG supporters the day after the solidarity event:

Yesterday, as tens of thousands of people rallied together across the globe to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a statement saying that the decision on the pipeline will be further delayed for more consultation.

Normally, this would be a good thing: delay is often our friend. But, these are not normal times. Donald Trump is going to be President in 65 days and delay could give him the power to decide Standing Rock’s future. We need fast action, and the kind of action that will last. Dakota Access has proven that is has no concern for corporate responsibility and common decency.

President Obama has the power to stop the pipeline, protect Standing Rock’s water, and take the decision out of Trump’s hands.

Tell President Obama to stop Donald Trump from deciding the future of Standing Rock’s water and stop the Dakota Access pipeline by rejecting the final permit for the project.

LaDonna Allard with Sacred Stone Camp, and Eryn Wise with the Indigenous Youth Council leading a march of 3,000 people in Washington D.C. as part of 300+ actions yesterday.

President Obama should do what Trump won't and stop this pipeline, protect people and our water instead of Big Oil’s profit. Before he leaves office, he can still reject the permit and declare the Cannonball area of Standing Rock a National Monument, as Indigenous historians on the ground have been calling for for years.

There’s never been a moment like this in the movement to defend Indigenous rights in this country. The solidarity everyone is showing right now is what we’ll need to weather the coming years.

Seeing tens of thousands of people from Berlin to Los Angeles march, rally, and take action to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock was a beautiful thing. Over 300 people sat-in at the Army Corps of Engineers office in Washington, DC, backed by 3,000 people standing with them. Dozens more risked arrest at other offices, delivered letters, and held events in nearly every major city.

I'm so proud to be part of this big, beautiful movement with you.

With thanks,

Dallas Goldtooth on behalf of the Indigenous Environmental Network and

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